Vedic Astrology: Accuracy and Expertise
Vedic Astrology: Accuracy and Expertise

What my clients say

Testimonials of my vedic astrology analysis are listed here. To protect the privacy of individuals, some names have been withheld/changed per their request. All other information is accurate and can be independently verified. All these testimonials can be available as references upon request.

I thank you for the horoscope analysis. You answered all my questions and doubts and some answers were given by the horoscope that I didn't even know I had.

It is very different from what I am used to. I was surprised that it all sounds scientific almost. But as I read on, I understood why. It is concise and direct and it gives straight-up solutions to everything. What it says about now, it matches with my current reality, with the Swiss Clock's exactily. And I must say, it is a comfort to know all will be well under the sky.


Also, I love the fact that the horoscope says how I am and doesn't present my whole personality from the other's perspective, but from within.



February 2, 2022 

*I am deeply grateful and humbled that Mr. Trivedi so gracefully arranged a very important Pooja on my behalf. Not only my astrologer, he has reached out to me as a friend in times of great need, and supported me when I needed it most. It was my first experience with this type of ceremony, and I have to say—I felt the safety, love, and protection all the way across the world. I highly recommend it.


B. P.

Connecticut, USA
August 10, 2016

*There is a lot of implicit trust that goes into choosing a professional astrologer to consult-- after all, one is planning one's life ahead based on an evaluation of abstracts such as one's birth stars and the changing influences of the cosmic energy. As someone from a family that has deep engagements with the spiritual side of the Hindu religion, from my childhood, I have been to various astrologers- with my parents, on my own, referred by friends etc. However, Mr. Dushyant Trivedi whom I fondly call uncle-- as an astrologer, is an integral part of ones' family--- is the one that I have experienced the utmost inner peace with.


There is no such thing as a good or a bad astrologer. Every one of them has learnt the basics of how to interpret — however, the interpretation itself is often god gifted — And Mr. Trivedi's ability to read, associate connects between contesting planetary influences and sometimes his deep sense of intuition is amazing and often I have been awed when he states points to illustrate his predictions without know anything about your past life and it almost seems like he has been around with you, at close quarters, at various phases of your life/ milestones. Is that a divine legacy he carries? Is it just Goddess Saraswati taking over his communication? Well, its all of that but as much of the world says, there is also a science to it, that comes from the years he has spent on poring over every possible aspect of this huge body of knowledge called Astrology.


I have been to Astrologers who either sugar coat { because for them its a business and one does not want to see anyone going away a unhappy customer} and there are others who get a sadistic pleasure in stressing the doomsday / negativity ahead — Trivedi Uncle does neither. He states honestly, transparently but with a kind disposition..


What I especially love is his ability to explain the planetary transits/ influences in a simple to understand format-- For every prediction he makes, there is a parallel explanation of what peculiar positioning of the planets causes that!

While speaking with Mr. Trivedi, one is not speaking with a professional astrologer-- one gets the feel of being with a kind, generous well wisher of you! And that to me is the highest form of an astrologer.


I whole heartedly recommend Mr. Trivedi to be the family astrologer of anyone seeking to understand one self and the occurrences in their life.



January 20, 2016

Dear Mr. Trivedi,


*I'd like to thank you for providing me hope when I couldn't see any. In both personal and professional endeavors, you gave me insight that I could never know, despite my best efforts to do so. Across the ocean, having never met face to face, I consider you a great friend. I deeply appreciate the care and concern you offered me during very troubling times- responding to every email and question I had regarding the reports.


Thanks to my stability and strength now, and with your guidance and the vibrational and energetic help of the Moonga you prescribed, I am better positioned and prepared to discover and nurture my happiness. For this I thank you. Your ability is remarkable, and your mind vast. We will be in touch again, good sir.


Mr. B

November 5, 2015

*I have great pleasure in thanking Mr. Trivedi for his accurate prediction. I got a job within the predicted time period. And also his general predictions helped me a lot in different occasions. Once again, I am thankful for your quick reply. Definitely consult you again and again.


Mr. BS
May 25, 2014

Mr Trivedi ji,


*First of all, I really appreciate all your help in getting my horoscope ready within just couple of days. I also sincerely thank you for the time and efforts you have put in to submit such a quality analysis of my horoscope which deserves applause to a great extent. One of your prediction turned out to be 100% true today and it exactly matches the date you have predicted. Thanks for working with so much devotion and dedication on my Kundali. Thank you for such a hard work and it was worth it all.


March 1, 2014

*I was advised by a friend that you are someone who has years of experience and lineage as an astrologist. Also, that you are honest and a good Hearted Soul, who is able to do a Accurate Vedic Horoscope Charts. Not only were you able to do my chart well, but you also gave relevant and precise interpretation of my chart. Based on working with you, they lied to me. You far exceeded my expectations. Not only are you a gifted and very caring person, who gives your all. You when above and be onto answered any and all questions that I had. Seeking to ensure that I understood clearly how to apply this reading to my day to day interaction in the world. You are a professional Astrologist and knowledgeable priest, who is truly committed to the overall well being and betterment of his client, and I am grateful to you and for you.

Michael Anthony Boney
Cheverly, MD
Nov 17, 2010

*Wow! I had never heard of Vedic Astrology before my experience with Mr. Trevedi. His analysis was not only factually accurate about the past but also coincided with my own intuitive sense of what I had to do in the future. His explanations followed a professional and sensitive line of thought; he provided methods of dealing with more challenging times that were reasonable and in alignment with my strengths. I truly enjoyed the experience of seeing my life journey through Vedic Astrology and Mr. Trivedi's professional analysis. I look forward to seeking his analysis every year as a personal birthday gift.

Ms. GS
Sept 2010

Hi Mr. Trivedi,


*Thank you very much for your time this afternoon to go over my analysis, I am very satisfied and relieved with the results. Also, thank you for taking my worry away for the period related to my health from May 2014-June 2015. I will look into finding Hessonite, although if I can't find it..I will make sure to let you know. I will make sure to let my friends know about your wonderful & accurate services. I will be in touch and thank you again...Enjoy the day.


A. Nardi

Dear Mr Trivedi,


*Thanks for your excellent and exhaustive report and detailed response to all my follow up questions. I found your analysis to be extremely insightful and useful. I've never been exposed to Vedic astrology before and your thoroughness and professionalism has got me interested in it. I'll definitely be consulting you again in the future.


March 2008

Dear Mr. Trivedi,


*You made my horoscope around April 2006 and it was so good. I even got to understand things that you said months later, but you were so right! Thank you again for that. My problems seem to be solved, I am healthy again and the problems in my relationship are over - I hope...Now I would like you to make the horoscope for my daughter. Thank you very much again and I wish you the very best.


Ms. IL
Illinois, USA
Jan 2008

Dear Sri Trivedi,


*How are you? I have some good news to share with you. Taking your advice, we have attempted one more cycle of IVF in Singapore after performing the poojas prescribed by you. This time it worked and my wife is now into her ninth month of pregnancy and the baby is due any time. Thank you very much for your valuable advice. Thanking you, Best regards,


Mr. CB
Jan 2008

Dear Mr. Trivedi:


*I had shown my horoscope to you about one year back. You have advised me that my rough period will be over in June-07. I was interviewed by a reputed company in May-07 but as I did not hear back from them, I started looking for other positions. Surprisingly, the same company called me again on July 14 and I joined the company as head of technology department. I am thankful for your accurate prediction and am enjoying my new responsibilities.


Mr. VT.
Oct 2007

Mr. Trivedi,


*You have been most thorough in your analysis and did a great job with answering follow up questions.Your analysis for physical attributes was right on and also your predictions for the times that have gone by. I will definitely be consulting you in the future.


Ms. SK
Canton, MI, USA
Sep 2007

*Thank you for your kind and generous attentions to my horoscope. I found each of your insights useful, and I kept them in mind as I dealt with last year's challenging Autumn. Remembering your views helped me to temper my responses to tough times, which was critical. The details about my temperament and tendencies seems, to my awareness, to be exceedingly accurate. And I quietly leaned on the positive implications of them. Mostly this was a note to finally thank you for your time and professional care, please forgive me for not letting you know my appreciation so much sooner.


All the Best,
Midwest, USA
Sep 2007

*I have consulted Mr. Trivedi twice in last few months. I came across the website totally by chance, was a little skeptical at first but for some reason I did contact Mr. Trivedi for detail analysis. He has been so accurate both times in readings, even the physical features have been correct 100%. Besides, I don't think there is any other astrologer who would elaborate all points to such extent. He gave me remedial measures and in less than 3 months time I started seeing some results. Also, all my questions were answered quickly. I would recommend his services to everyone in need of some guidance and an insight to make better decisions, because Mr. Trivedi is the real deal and has been a great help to me for which I am really grateful to him. I will definitely be consulting him in the future.


Ms. A
July 2007

*Aloha - Your reading is excellent. It helps building up my confidence. It guides me to rght direction of career and relationship. Thank you very much. I am very fortunate to have your reading. AAA RECOMMENDED.


June 2007

*I heard about Mr. Trivedi from a close friend of mine. I was going thru very difficult time & I contacted Mr. Trivedi. I was skeptical about astrology, but Mr. Trivedi's encouragement and timely response gave me peace of mind and I am better of today, and my situation is very much improved. Mr. Trivedi's knowledge, astrological readings and most of all the explanations are very profound, precise and timely.


Mr. R.P.
March 2007

*Thanks a lot for your excellent report which I found to be very exhaustive. Especially your astrological explanation has made your report very lucid & informative. I have not come across such kind of clarity of thought as demonstrated in your report from any other astrologers. You were very prompt in answering my subsequent queries which also showed your thorough knowledge on the subject. I will definitely consult you in the future whenever any need arises. I will now not look to any other consultants in the future.


March 2007

*I have consulted you for 3 years and your each and every prediction has been correct. Suggested remedies by you worked for me. I have recommended you to many friends here in USA.


Mr. M.P.
New Jersey, USA
Feb 2007

*I heard about Mr. Trivedi from a friend of mine while talking about some negative and confusing things that were happening in my life. Being amazed by Mr. Trivedi's knowledge and accuracy, my friend gave me his email address and I contacted Mr. Trivedi immediately. He was very quick at responding to my emails and questions, which I greatly appreciate. After reviewing my horoscope analysis, I was amazed by Mr. Trivedi's accuracy of my physical features and characteristics, as well as my personality and everything else. He answered all of my questions in detail. Now I feel more positive because being a "confused student"?I know that I'm on the right path in my life and career, and even if something negative comes my way I will be able to deal with it much better. I can't thank Mr. Trivedi enough for everything he did for me, and I'm sure for many people out there who seek his help. I have recommended his services to my friends, as well as family. He's currently doing the analysis for my mom and brother, and I am sure it will answer many questions and help them make important decisions in life. I highly recommend Mr. Trivedi's services as he is very kind and patient, with an amazing knowledge and?accuracy of his work. I will definitelly continue using his services in the future. THANK YOU MR. TRIVEDI!


Ms. SS,
California, USA
Feb 2007

*I had made a career choice to join a company and you asked me to wait for two weeks before signing the offer letter. In an amazing co-incidence, I was approached by another company which offered me a much better opportunity in every respect. Logically, I would have never seen this coming as the position was never advertised. I have been working for two months in my new position and am enjoying every minute of it - many thanks for your timely advise.


Mr. R.
Michigan, USA
Feb 2007

Dear Mr. Trivedi,


*I wish to thank you for analyzing not only my horoscope but also of several members of my family. The accuracy of the detailed reading was impressive and also quick. Also, you have always been quick to respond to any questions and clarifications. In all I am very satisfied with your services and will be delighted to recommend to anyone who wishes to know more about oneself. I also wish to add that I will continue using your services as I have done over the past 2 years.


Rabinder Kurl
Jan 2007

*I have great pleasure in thanking Mr. Trivedi for his accurate predictions and the suggested remedial measures. I have tried many astrologers in the past, but none of them were as accurate as Mr. Trivedi. I followed the remedial measures he suggested and obtained amazing results within short time. He has been very quick in answering queries and has patiently given clear answers to each question. I have great appreciation for his knowledge and dedication. I have already recommended his services to many of my friends and relatives.


Aug 06

*I wanted to thank you as you have been correct on 3 things;

  1. I got a job this year Feb 2006 and started at Motorola.
  2. I am expecting a child in Dec 2006.
  3. My fear of death has gone out 95% and my medical ailments were not there, I guess the bad ketu period was the reason.

You are amazing, Congrats & regards,

Mr. R.
June, 2006

*I am very impressed by the accuracy of the analysis made by Mr D. Trivedi. I could recognize precisely myself and my life. The physical and psychological features he mentioned are amazingly true. And he was able to answer every question giving precise dates. As a medical doctor, I greatly appreciate the way he gives explanations to people: He tells truth but "sweet truth". Even if there are some negative aspects in your chart you feel optimistic. For me, this analysis made by Mr D. Trivedi is a great help for my life and I would highly recommend it to everyone.


Dr. Arthur G., M. D.
May 2006

*Recently, at that point in life, where things appear to slip out of control and you're not even sure where you're headed - I was advised to go in for astrological consultation - that may help in placing things in proper perspective. Taking that advice : I looked around for an astrologer - who had the correct credentials - as there is no certified body that evaluates astrologers - I relied on the stature / level he / she has achieved in other pursuits/fields. Dr. Trivedi - as is borne by his credentials - has achieved remarkable success outside of astrology - and also traces his lineage to a family that enjoyed royal patronage in the astrological field. Having done my homework in the selection of the medium - while always astutely faithful to astrology as a deterministic and accurate predictive system - I wasn't still sure about the quality of results. It is with great pleasure that I pored over the analyses that Dr. Trivedi had done on my personality/character traits - leading and corroborating therefrom my career/life choices - and how best to select and achieve my goals in harmony with those inherited traits. That was revealing and insightful - and with great joy I can tell - moderated and balanced my life and choices.


Being thus pleased I got the analyses done for my wife and son. I am able to see more clearly where I should direct and focus my son's skills towards - to be harmonious with his inborn traits. And in my relationships with my wife - knowing the source of her traits - has given me a vantage point - to understand - and better on our relationship. I heartily thank Mr. Trivedi and would thoroughly recommend his services to all - there is a certain path best suited for happiness - that we are endowed with - and realizing and actuating it to full potential - can be a determinant and causator of joy - this is what I have learnt from Mr. Trivedi's analysis. Thanks.

Mr. N Gupta
May 2006

*I got one of my friends analysis done by Mr Trivedi. He predicted certain things with dates & I did not believe it. Later, after a year, I found that whatever Mr. Trivedi predicted was absolutely right. I am so surprised and amazed at his accuracy.


Ms. K
May 2006

*My husband and I recently both received a detailed horoscope analysis by Mr. Trivedi and we were both impressed and delighted. The information we were given was most useful in practical terms: we were provided with specific dates and periods during which certain aspects would come into effect (very helpful when planning one's life), and we were both impressed with the speed and professionalism with which Mr. Trivedi dealt with our request. In addition, Mr Trivedi's analysis of our respective personalities was extremely accurate. I myself was suffering from some concerns regarding my career and Mr. Trivedi provided re-assuring counsel that I was, indeed, on the right track and that things were bound to improve. All in all, we found Mr. Trivedi to be very skilled, pragmatic, most kind and wise in what he had to say. I would highly recommend a reading from him. With many thanks once again,


Catherine Muller
Johannesburg, South Africa
April 2006

*I am very much pleased with the services offered by Dushyant. He is prompt in replying and has tremendous knowledge to clarify any kind of doubts in Astrology. I am thankful to him for his great assistance and detailed reading.


February 2006

Dear Mr. Trivedi,


*I received today the Numerological Analysis you did for me. Your accuracy of my character traits was (=is) quite unbelievable -- it is absolutely spot-on. Also the detail and thoroughness that went into the analysis is nothing short of remarkable. But then again, after your analysis of my horoscope a while ago, I have come to expect nothing less from you. I have no doubt I shall come back to you again and again. I have already recommended you to a number of my friends and colleagues -- and shall continue to do so. With you, Mr. Trivedi, it is satisfaction guaranteed -- 110% !! Warmest regards,


Minoo Adrianwalla
February 2006

*I am extremely pleased with your services and found your reading to be very accurate and detailed. This was the best Vedic astrology reading I have ever had. It was a joy to read especially since your explanations are very in depth, elaborate and helpful. I felt the reading to be very well researched, authentic and lots of attention put into it. Thank you for going the extra mile and for your very prompt and courteous service.


Ms. Mary F.
Quebec, Canada
January 2006

*Thank you for your kindness. I appreciate all the time you took to come up with the unbelievable answers you did about me. Your insight as to my past, has moved my life forward, in a positive direction. I now don't question my intuitive insights, I trust them. I energetically send you my heartfelt thanks. You came up with the most amazing answers.


Ms. Beth Van De Boom Delavan
Wisconsin, USA
Dec 2005

*I would like to thank you for this profound and correct analysis. It helps me to know myself better and your forecasts help me to specify my steps in my life. As you see in my chart, this is a serious turning point of my life. Your help made my decision easier. Thank you again and God bless you!


Nov 2005

*I am quite impressed with Mr. Trivedi's authority in Astrology. His explanations and reasoning clearly shows that he has mastered this sacred knowledge. In the past, I have consulted a few astrologers and on some occasions the predictions of the astrologers were accurate for some broad questions, but when I asked very specific questions and looking for a convincing explanation, many times the astrologers I consulted were very vague and not very convincing. This created some skepticism in me about astrologers. Also, you see so many people advertising online and it is very difficult to judge their merits. Having bumped against Mr. Trivedi's web page and after reading his background, I decided to get my readings done. I did this with the same skepticism. However, once I received his reading, it totally convinced me that he is a well learned person and has acquired this sacred knowledge very well. I felt extremely fortunate to come across Mr. Trivedi, whom I will not miss to consult in future for all of my astrological requirements. For any body who has slight inclination to know the future and what is coming, it is well worth to know by consulting astrologer like Mr. Trivedi and benefit from that. Always believe that fore warned is fore armed, which is what astrology can help, especially if it is done by knowledgeable person like Mr. Trivedi.


Mr. SB
October 2005

*Thank you for your assistance with the detailed readings for both my husband and myself. Everything you've mentioned have so far been extremely accurate regarding our career progress in the recent months. This has helped make our job searches more effective, so we were able to maximize our efforts during the favorable times, rather than scattering our energies during the unfavorable periods. That in turn has improved our quality of life and reduced a lot of confusion. It has also given us added confidence so that we were able to pursue real career opportunities (rather than mere jobs). In addition to this, your recommendations for fasting have further simplified our lives and improved our mental focus and clarity. Also, your analysis of my characteristics have given me a deeper understanding of myself, which I strongly feel will benefit me all my life. The predictions regarding our long life span have increased our health awareness and enabled us to start planning for our long term financial future. I'm sure we will see many more positive results once we implement the gemstone and other recommendations, as indicated in your analysis. With that said, we will continue to avail of your services, to guide us through the "important" events of our lives. It is our good fortune that we were able to contact you at a time when we needed your services the most!


Ms. VP
Cupertino, CA, USA
Sep 2005

*I had specific questions about my situation and possible remedies. I was very pleased with Mr. Trivedi's work and recommendations. In the past I had an over-the-phone consultation done by a U.S. astrologer who charged several times as much for a reading and I did not get nearly as much out of it as I did from Mr. Trivedi's reading. Thanks for putting the extra time in for my reading.


Mr. KB
Sep 2005

*I chanced upon Mr. Trivedi's website while browsing through the internet, and initially out of curiosity, I went through its contents. What impressed me most was the straightforwardness and sincerity which came across in what he had written, as well the fact that he is a highly qualified Engineer and Senior Manager, who has dedicated his professional expertise towards the advancement of the complex science of Vedic Astrology over the last 30 years - thus following in the footsteps of his forefathers who were state astrologers in a princely court, and who taught him this esoteric science. I corresponded with him, and requested him to draw up my Horoscope and send me his analysis. On both fronts, I am extremely satisfied with the results. He has drawn up a very detailed horoscope, and the analysis which he has provided is precise and focused. Many of the attributes, events and character traits that he has highlighted in his analysis bear a very close match with actual facts. He has also provided guidelines about the expected future course of key events, as well as prophylactic measures to alleviate the negative impact of certain adverse planetary influences that he saw in the horoscope. Finally, he has provided clear and concise answers to some queries that I raised subsequent to receiving his analysis. I shall follow the advice that he has given on certain key matters that are of great importance to me, and shall keep him updated about the results achieved. I hope to stay in touch with Mr. Trivedi in the future also, and to refer any friends and family who may be needing genuine astrological advice, to him.


Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain
August 2005

*I was impressed by the accuracy of my detailed reading and appreciated how quickly I received it. Mr. Trivedi was also very responsive to questions and provided helpful clarifications on important points. I would recommend this service to anyone seeking additional insight into their life circumstances and path.


Dr. Hope V. Horton
Madison, Wisconsin, USA
July 2005

*I have had Mr. Trivedi do my horoscope & was so pleased he was able to verify the date and time of my birth. I feel it is the most accurate reading I have ever had done. He was extremely prompt, and concise. I had never been exposed to Vedic astrology before, but I find it very accurate. I have already given his name to many of my clients. I am going to have him do more work for me, as I find it so helpful. Thank you again.


Cieslinski, Lake Geneva, Wisconsin USA
July 2005

*I was very pleased with Mr.Trivedi's astrology analysis, which was accurate about my life and my past lives. He told me things that no other astrologer has ever told me about my life. I am a convert to Vedic astrology because of Mr. Trivedi's reading. He did a particularly fine reading for my husband as well. He was so accurate about him that it was uncanny. Also his assessment of our relationship was very true. I was extremely impressed with the analysis of both of our horoscopes.


Ms. Christine L. Sullivan
June 2005

*I came across Dushyant Trivedi's site on astrology while browsing on the net and was impressed by his philosophy on astrology and his experience. With his qualifications and expertise, he came across as one who could not only analyze the technical intricacies of astrological signs but interpret them with the subject and life in perspective. He has been true to my initial impression. His reading was insightful and identified areas of frustration with appropriate advise to address these frustrations. His responses were timely and appropriate. To me, this is what defines a truly great astrologer - one who could provide the bearings needed to make a choice or gain an insightful perspective to see an organized scheme in the chaos of life. I intend to follow up with him in future with subsequent results and gain further insights.


Mr. SC
June 2005

*I came to know about Mr. Trivedi while browsing the Internet and had him read my horoscope. His analysis of my past/present and physical traits was very accurate. His services have been extremely prompt and professional and I have never failed to get an email/response immediately.


Ms. S
May 2005

*I am new to Vedic Astrology and was introduced to Mr. Trivedi from a friend who highly recommended his services. Having an open mind and an interest in other cultures, I decided to have my reading done by him. The reading that I received was so detailed and correct that I could not believe that he could be so accurate with only my birth information known to him. There were traits that he identified that were so specific and that he could not have guessed at all. In addition, he was able to capture many of my behaviors and aspects of my personality that he could not have known. As for predicting my future, he was very specific about what was coming and what to expect. If anything, his reading reinforced my own planning and gave me a reassurance and confidence that I had not had before. Encouraged by this, I began to refer many of my friends to him as well. They were kind enough to share the results with me and each was more amazing than the next. Mr. Trivedi was even able to match my horoscope with my best friend and determine why we were such good friends. His reading added a whole new level to our friendship once we understood the nature of it as laid out by Mr. Trivedi. I highly recommend Mr. Trivedi and his services. He is very responsive and answers all questions fully and quickly. I will continue to recommend Mr. Trivedi's services to my friends and will utilize his services in the future for insight into future decisions. I cannot express enough how glad I am to have found Mr. Trivedi and Vedic astrology.


Keith M. Jones
Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA
Nov 2004

*I came to know about Mr. Trivedi while browsing through the Internet to read my baby's horoscope. It is always tricky to find the right contact on the net, but what caught my eyes is Mr. Trivedi's qualification and current occupation. This told me that he is intelligent, experienced and technical. I have tried other astrologers, but the readings were done with no personal attention. With Mr. Trivedi, I found it very comforting that I could talk to him and exchange notes on my questions, concerns and doubts. My father is also an astrologer, but his method is traditional. What makes Mr. Trivedi unique and his horoscope reading ability outstanding is his 35 yrs of experience and personal knowledge in this field that are combined with the current technologies. If you are interested in horoscope reading, you must do it with Mr Trivedi.


Ms. SP
Chicago, IL, USA
April 2005

*Mr. Trivedi's descriptions of my past and even my physical traits were very accurate. His advice has been very helpful. He is earnest, kind and straight-forward, which is a wonderful bonus. I would recommend him to anyone interested in jyotish or just learning about themselves.


C. Goldman
Jackson, Mississippi, USA
March 2005

*I came to know Mr. Trivedi through the internet. His experience in the field of Indian Vedic Astrology for more than 30 years impressed me & I decided to consult with him. After my experience with his analysis, I believe strongly in Vedic astrology and have very high respect for Mr. Trivedi, because everything he predicted on basis of my personal horoscope chart was perfect and absolutely accurate. He not only replied to my questions but also provided elaborate explanations. Thanks to his help, I now understand the importance of the planets constellation and their effect on one's life. Mr. Trivedi not only gave me an accurate analysis of my horoscope but also the possible remedies. I am very thankful and grateful to Mr. Trivedi for his time, energy and efforts to give me all appropriate guidance and advice. I appreciate his professionalism & patience he replied to all my questions promptly without any hesitation. I am certain I want to consult with him for astrological analysis again. His vast knowledge about Indian Vedic Astrology is a tremendous asset.


Helga Grabbe
Feb 2005

*I was skeptical at first about having my horoscope read by someone so far away. But I am happy to say it didn't feel impersonal at all with the exchange of emails and constant updates that Mr. Trivedi gave me. I have never had my horoscope analyzed with such great level of detail in my lifetime. Mr. Trivedi is detailed in his readings and extremely helpful in giving suggestions to alleviate the bad aspects of my horoscope. His readings are so accurate right down to the nitty gritty. I cannot believe horoscopes can predict so much about a person's physical attributes and personality. It makes me not want to blame my genes or my diet for how I look. Mr. Trivedi's readings provide the right amount of insight as to how best to proceed with our plans based on the guidance of the stars and planets.?How often have we wished for someone to help us make some tough decisions and guide us along the right path. It feels nice to be able to discuss so openly about what troubles or puzzles me. And he has never expressed any problems with answering our queries. Thanks Mr. Trivedi you've definitely shed some light on why things are the way they are.


Ms. Dakshaini
Feb 2005

*In spite of my qualifications and experience, I was having great difficulty in finding a suitable career opportunity. Your response was very prompt and your analysis / predictions was accurate. The remedial measures you suggested have been effective. After wearing the Hessonite stone ring, I received two offers and have landed the right opportunity. Thank you for your help.


Mr. MP
Jan 2005

*I was most impressed with the accuracy of Mr. Trivedi's reading. He was amazingly correct in identifying events from the past. In addition, he offered me helpful guidelines for planning my future. My questions were answered promptly and completely. I would not hesitate to recommend Mr. Trivedi to anyone seeking an accurate and insightful astrological reading. His analysis of my horoscope provided me with practical answers to my immediate questions and reaffirmed my faith in an orderly universe. Thank you, Mr. Trivedi for this fascinating experience.


Rochester, Michigan
Dec 2004

*I am delighted with the astrological readings you prepared for me. They were enormously helpful at a turning point in my life. I look forward to working with you again in the future and will recommend you with enthusiasm to my friends.


Thank you,
M.E. Anderson
Nov, 2004

*Your quick reply to my critical problem has eased my worries. Your analysis about our problem is very true. As a result of the remedies suggested by you, I have started to see positive results. Your advise regarding my marriage and career was very precise thank you for helping me with appropriate choices and avoiding potential pitfalls. I will definitely recommend your excellent services to my friends and family members who need good astrological guidance. Thanks again,


A. Shivanagi
Nov 2004

*I strongly recommend Mr. Trivedi's services. He has performed readings for me, my wife and son, my family and friends. We have all been amazed at the accuracy and insight he has provided. The readings have validated life directions, reframe expectations and increased my awareness of opportunities. The readings are always performed in a timely manner and the follow up questions provide the desired clarification. We have found this an interesting new approach to exploring our goals and opportunities.


Mr. Paul S
Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA
Oct 2004

*Thank you very much for your valuable and honest advice about my career prospects in the near future. Your astrological analysis was very clear and to the point and I have benefited substantially by acting as per your advice. May God bless you and grant you success in your effort directed towards research in the field of astrology.


Mr. JS
Manama, Bahrain
Oct 2004

*Thank you for answering our questions so thoroughly and with so much insight. Very wise counsel, indeed! Your analysis was very meticulous and detailed - I appreciate you extending help in medical astrology suggestions for my long running health problem. Your services have been extremely prompt, professional, and encouraging.


Mr. VS
New Jersey, USA
Sep 2004

*I was facing a difficult situation with my career. I consulted Mr. Trivedi and the answers I got were forthright and clear helped me with my confidence level. I was able to plan ahead without any hesitation.


Sunil Hasija
Sep 2004

(Testimonial from ROTARY CLUB OF BOMBAY AIRPORT after a invited speech on vedic astrology in August 2004)

*Dear Mr. Trivedi: Your talk on Vedic Astrology was extremely informative. Not only did you explain the Astrological calculations in such depth but also made it interesting during the Question Answer session that followed the session with your satisfying replies. We, the members of Rotary Club of Bombay Airport, thoroughly enjoyed the interaction with you and wish you the very best for your future.

Shachin Nanavati, Chairman Programme Comm
Aug 2004

*Thank you very much for your depth and accurate reading covering general aspects of life including financial matters. I am very grateful for indicating coming good period for making more sound business decisions. I would advise people to benefit from this divine knowledge of vedic astrology. Thank you and Best Regards.


Birmingham, UK
Aug 2004

*Your answer was insightful and penetrating despite the difficult question I posed. As an ardent jyotish student, I have learnt more about the science just in this short reading.


Ms. HK.
Southport, Australia
Aug 2004

*Dear Mr Trivedi: I received your analysis and was impressed. Thank You Very Much!

Robert Brassard

July 2004

Dear Mr Trivedi:

*Thank you very much for reading our horoscopes. You have been very accurate in predicting the existing and forthcoming events. I also very much appreciate your sincere advice given to us for prophylatic measures for various issues in our lives. Finally I would like to thank you for making me understand step by step for cause of each events as per horoscope. I would definitely contact you in future for your guidance.

J. Damani
London, UK
July 2004

Career and Health


*Thank you for the reading. It was very exhaustive and covered all points (especially regarding my family and siblings) very very accurately.

Ms. BG
Toronto, Canada
June 2004

Financial Deadlock


*In year 2000, Mr. R D sought my advise to resolve a financial deadlock in his business. A substantial amount of money was not being released by one of his clients which was affecting his business. After looking at the horoscope, I advised Mr R D to be patient as the situation would be resolved in 10 months, leading to additional growth. The money was subsequently released and Mr. R D's business has grown exponentially in the past 2 years.

Mr. R D

Miscarriages, Mars and Childbirth


*Mr. and Mrs. Davis based in Western part of India got married in May, 1997. Mrs. Davis suffered two miscarriages in May 1998 and October 2001. All general medical diagnoses were normal. Despite laproscopy and hysteroscopy, no positive developments / conception occurred. After studying both the horoscopes, time of marriage and planetary positions, it was determined that in Mr. Davis birth chart, the planet Mars was malefic and placed in the fourth house (House of Happiness). In Mrs. Davis' chart, Mars was seen to have a beneficial impact by virtue of its position. In June 2002, I advised Mr. Davis to wear a Coral ring of a certain size / shape to propitiate the planet Mars. In April 2003, a healthy baby daughter was born. Not too surprising was the fact that the baby's birth chart shows a highly exalted Mars proof that the planet Mars was indeed propitiated by wearing of the Coral gemstone.

(This case was presented in a paper on medical astrology at a conference in India.)

Career growth and relocation


*Mr. M. Ramsey met in 1996 and was keen on pursuing better career prospectus in another country. He had made several attempts to apply for better positions but no substantial progress was being made. Mr. Ramsey's horoscope had Venus, the lord of the house of fortune in 12th house which is the house of foreign country. In such a birth chart, progress in career enhances after moving to another country, hence he was advised to leave the country of birth and go abroad.?In May 1997, I suggested a variety of remedial measures such as fast and chants to propitiate the planet Mars. In October 1997, Mr. Ramsey re-located to the country of his choice and embarked upon rapid career growth. The career opportunity enabled Mr. Ramsey to meet with world leaders in business. Further, after consulting with me on auspicious?timing, he relocated to USA in March 1999 where he is currently based. His career growth in USA has been phenomenal where he has played an important role at State level and written legislation, now signed into a law. His immigration was approved in a period of four months under "National Interest Waiver".

(Mr. M Ramsey can be contacted via telephone / email for references on how vedic astrology has impacted his career and married life in positive ways.)

Saving a Marriage


*A couple based in Bombay, India met with me in 2002. The marriage was on the rocks and divorce was being contemplated. After reviewing their horoscopes, I noticed that the planet Saturn was not in a supportive phase. However, Jupiter was the most beneficial planet in the lady's horoscope and it was slated to move in a very strong position in 7 months. I advised the couple to cope with the situation for seven more months after which the harmony between the two improved considerably. The couple met me again after a year to seek advice for financial problems. I advised them to relocate and within 10 months, they relocated to Canada where they are currently based with no major financial worries.

Matching horoscopes for Marriage


*Mrs. D Koznoski was worried as her youngest daughter was single. When a suitable marriage proposal came up, I was consulted to match the horoscopes. The groom's horoscope had an afflicted Mars (manglik) but several other aspects of both the horoscopes were strong. I advised to proceed with the marriage but be cautious till the age of 28. I also predicted that their financial situation will improve after age 30 leading to birth of a baby. In February 2004, a healthy child was born.

Financial, emotional and spiritual growth


*The Smith's are a family based in Toronta, CA who have consulted with me regularly to make key decisions. Mr. Smith says, "We thank you for the important role that you have played by astrological consultation for improving our lives. Your expertise and understanding of the planets, their periodical movement (with Antardasha and Mahadasha) and predictions?have been up to the mark. The depths of your astrological knowledge, accurate horoscope reading and honest advice have been strong pillars of support to us. We appreciate all your efforts and guidance."



All testimonials / information is accurate and can be independently verified. References are available upon request.


*We are a $20 million corporation and have been in business for over 15 years in the past few years, we were facing severe financial difficulties. As the Chief Financial Officer (CFO), I tried everything logically & was worried that the bank may withdraw all the credit facilities we had reached a point where the company would not be able to operate its account and would have to be shut down.


As a last resort, I met with Mr. Trivedi and provided horoscopes of the Chairman & Directors of the company. Mr. Trivedi advised to have talks with the banks on certain auspicious dates these dates were based upon our Chairman's horoscope and the horoscope of the company. This advise was very helpful and we were able to get a one-year extension from the bank. As this helped us move in the right direction, we were now keen to recover a disputed amount of $2 million from the bank. The bank was unwilling to co-operate and Mr. Trivedi advised us of remedial measures. He also told us that the $2 million refund will be received only after Sept 5, 2004. Our attorneys were confident and optimistic that we would get the money well before Sep, 2004 as the process was initiated in April 2003. However, despite all logical efforts, we got the $2 million refund in November 2004.


I find that Mr. Trivedi's predictions were amazingly accurate, leading to growth in business. We have immensely benefited by his foresight and advice. I am at a loss of words on how to express my gratitude he has been precise with astrological predictions. At the personal level, his predictions in financial matters, health, career & children have come true for my entire family. I hope that the world continues to take advantage of his knowledge and use astrology as a guidepost for success.

Mr. SP
Bombay, India
Feb 2005

*Disclaimer: Specific results are not guaranteed and results can vary.

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